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LanguageXS Launches American Sign Language (ASL) 24/7 Service

The American Sign Language is (ASL) is known to be the natural sign language across America and Canada. With statistics indicating that over 28 million Americans are known to have some extent of hearing loss out of which 2 million have been classified as deaf it cannot be denied that understanding and having a strong hold over the American sign language has become highly essential. Steps need to be made to ensure that communication can be made simple, convenient, and precise.

Due to COVID, the functioning of the world has changed entirely and a major shift towards the digital world was seen. In times like this, the necessary actions must be taken to ensure convenience and facilities are made for all people at all times.

LanguageXS is doing exactly that. A company that only hires ASL interpreters that are nationally certified through the Registry Interpreters of the Deaf (RID), we provide exceptional American Sign Language interpretation and now to keep up with the changing times and the need of the hour have extended our services to video remote interpreting.

What is Video Remote Interpreting?

Video remote interpreting incorporates devices such as video cameras or webcams through which sign language services are provided to eliminate any communication barrier between the two parties.

Why is Video Remote Interpreting a Good Idea?

Video remote interpreting ASL is a service that should be invested in by businesses and health care workers amongst other workplaces, industries, and professions for many different reasons, some of which are as follow.

Easily Accessible

One of the most prominent benefits of video remote interpreting is that it is extremely easy to access and is right at your fingertips. It eliminates the chances of you having a communication barrier between your patient or client and allows you access to immediate and accurate interpretation.

A Successful and Constructive Communication

Video remote interpreting could save you precious time and help avoid miscommunications and confusion. With many professions such as businesses, legal issues, and healthcare settings, even the most minor information can be crucial. It is during this time that video remote interpretation can be extremely helpful and guarantee that all information is communicated accurately.

Relatively Cheaper

When compared to calling an interpreter in, paying them by the hour, accommodating them, and dealing with the commute, isn’t it simpler to just open your laptop and have your interpreter present? Does not matter which part of the world you are in, with video remote interpreting you can guarantee successful communication with your clients every time.

What Are You Waiting For?

LanguageXS offers only experienced ASL certified interpreters that will ensure all of the information and communication is done with the utmost accuracy and fluency.

To gain access to our services, you can simply log in to our website, get access to our phone application, and dial our professional ASL interpreters. Our minimum request time is 15 minutes.

We will be able to get the requesters to contact us by entering their basic information in our online form. We provide the best interpreters in the market and that too at reasonable rates.

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