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Accurate Document Translation by a Professional Translation Company

If you are looking for accurate document translation services, then you are in the right place. We are an interpreting company as well as a translation agency and now we are expanding our amenities to include professional document translation. Moreover, the individuals or requesters can submit their documents through our website. Professional and skilled personnel are available to translate. Document translation, according to the requirements of the customers, by our team of talented translators. Although translation is not an easy task, the group of people working in our translating department are genuinely proficient and competent. Furthermore, document translation interpreting companies are emerging in this busy world. There is a language barrier between people if they belong to different areas. We reduced this gap by allowing you to easily approach our website and place orders for accurate documents translation. Although the conversation becomes more effective if both sides acknowledge each other’s language. Our company offers translation services for hundreds of languages.


How to submit a document for accurate translation

To submit your document, simply email it to Furthermore, for documents less than 100 pages, requesters will receive the documents within seven days. The seven days will count from the date you submitted your payment, however, we charge $0.1 per translated word. Also, customers will be able to request up to two free revisions if they need any improvements. First, try to review everything before submitting a request, which will be helpful for both the interpreter and requester. Then, if there remains any confusion, you can tell us without any hesitation.

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LanguageXS is purely developed for professional document translation

You can contact us on our website, or email at Our agency is working day and night to help people and we offer the easiest way to convert the language of any kind of documents. We have a tough job, but it's our responsibility to provide convenient services to you. Additionally, we are glad to offer document translation. Markets are full of specialists but it can be difficult to reach the best services. Mostly, this is because companies are not accepting orders due to the burden of projects.

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