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Why Choose Us As Your Interpreter?

The world is a diverse, complicated, and interesting place. While we share many fundamental values, we often are separated by language barriers. The team at LanguageXS is here to break through those barriers by offering our excellent interpreter services. When you call on us, you can reach thousands of interpreters speaking hundreds of different languages anytime, anywhere.

An aspect of interpreting that is not always considered but is vital is its role in communicating during emergencies or unexpected situations. What if someone is in the hospital and needs trauma treatment? What if someone has to deal with legal figures like police or attorneys? What if they have to deal with a banking issue that may greatly affect their finances? Our interpreters are the best choice for these emergency situations.

They are always ready to jump in and help people speaking two different languages solve problems. It’s all available through our reliable app, which allows easy access so you can choose your online translator, monitor your usage and billing, and more. You’ll get access to an affordable interpreter that meets the needs of your particular situation.

We also offer Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) that can be accessed by any landline. If you’re worried about using any technical hardware or software to reach us quickly, OPI is always available through any conventional telephone. These phone translation services are fast, easy, and convenient. Whether you need an Iraqi-Arabic translator or a Cantonese translator, you can find them quickly through our OPI system.

Of course, we also offer interpreters for more conventional and expected situations. LanguageXS can help conduct business meetings where language may be a concern, work through research for important educational projects, or even just communicate your love and care to family members and friends who may speak a different language. Finding a common language between parties is an excellent way to help keep people, and the world, better connected with one another in good and bad times.

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