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Get the Most Out Of Your Live Translation Services

Using language interpreting services is a vital part of pursuing many business, academic, and entrepreneurial opportunities, and we want to facilitate them for you. LanguageXS believes in the power of interaction between different cultures and countries and strives to create more interaction through top quality language interpreting services. Our commitment to mutual respect, honesty, high accuracy, transparency, and complete confidentiality guides our work as we offer instant, live translation through thousands of interpreters.

Our interpreters’ live translation services are available by phone, video call, or in-person, depending on the needs of the translation and the circumstances surrounding it. No matter which option you choose, our trained language translators work smoothly and efficiently through the conversation in real time. This can be done using a computer, laptop, or even a tablet. It’s all organized through our reliable, secure app.

The experts at LanguageXS, an interpreting agency headquartered in Maine, offer you the most efficient and accurate interpretation for your business or personal needs. We provide complete translation while preserving the linguistic and cultural integrity of your words and capturing intent as much as accuracy. The kind of focus, flexibility, accuracy, and integrity you’ll receive with LanguageXS simply cannot be duplicated by any kind of machine or program. 

Check out our app today to access the best live translation services you can get at the push of a button. We’ll connect you to trustworthy Spanish translators, Somali translators, and everything in between.

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