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Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting Services For Limited English Speakers

Imagine having both a visual and audio connection to expert interpreters ready to help you as well as any clients with a limited English-speaking ability. You don’t just have to rely on a local translator. Video Remote Interpreting by LanguageXS brings you a platform where our interpreters deliver high-quality interpreting services without geographic limitations.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) can help your clients engage more personally and spontaneously in their interpreting sessions. The on-demand visual component of a VRI interpreting session is a highly-desirable interpersonal option for your interpreting clients requiring immediate language support. When an on-site face-to-face interpreting appointment is neither feasible nor practical, VRI is the ideal format for professional real-time conversation between different languages as well as American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting.

Your clients will be connected via high-definition, broadcast-quality video in their interpreting sessions and supported by professionally-certified, VRI-trained, and qualified interpreters. Video is streamed live and in real time to conduct a thorough and complete conversation. In the case of sign language interpreting, this is the only remote option available that will accurately capture what speakers are trying to communicate.

Our video translation services offer an efficient, accurate, and practical way to conduct business with one another or to communicate valuable thoughts and ideas for united collaboration. The VRI team at LanguageXS has access to virtual translators/interpreters from more than 40 different languages, making it possible to take limited English and turn it into a real-time conversation that both parties will be able to understand.