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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sign up for LanguageXS's interpreting services?

LanguageXS's interpreting services are free to sign up for, and you will only be charged for the units of interpreting services you use when dialing our professional interpreters. One unit is equal to 15 minutes.

How much does LanguageXS charge for interpreting services

We charge $20/unit (where one unit is equal to 15 minutes) for language interpreting services, whether it's Over The Phone Interpreting (OPI) or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). We charge $40/unit for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. We only charge for the interpreting sessions customers call.

Is LanguageXS's interpreting service available 24/7?

Yes, our interpreting service is available 24/7, so you will never have to worry about scheduling interpreters. You can get a live professional interpreter within seconds from your phone or computer.

What standards does LanguageXS follow when hiring interpreters?

LanguageXS follows high standards of compliance when hiring interpreters, and we can provide more information about these standards upon request.

What languages does LanguageXS offer interpreting services for?

LanguageXS offers interpreting services for hundreds of languages, and we are constantly working to include more languages to our list.

How can LanguageXS's interpreting services be used as a backup plan?

Our interpreting services can be a great backup plan when your existing interpreters don't show up for appointments or when your current interpreting services don't provide some rare languages.

Can I monitor usage of LanguageXS's interpreting services within my organization?

Yes, our system provides an easy way to monitor usage of interpreting services within your organization.

Does LanguageXS offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services?

Yes, we offer ASL interpreting services for $40/unit.

Is there more information available about LanguageXS's interpreting services?

Yes, we can provide a brief presentation to demonstrate more information about our interpreting services.

Is there a contract that needs to be signed to use LanguageXS's interpreting services?

Yes, we have an interpreting services agreement that can be accessed through a secured link and can be signed through pdf filler.

How do I create an account on LanguageXS's system?

An email invitation to create an account on our system has been sent, and your account will be inactive (won't make calls) until the contract is signed.

What is the minimum request time for interpreting services?

The minimum request time for interpreting services is 15 minutes.

How do I access LanguageXS interpreting services?

You can access LanguageXS interpreting services by logging in to our website and accessing our phone application. Once you have logged in, you can dial our professional interpreters.

How does LanguageXS ensure confidentiality in interpreting services?

LanguageXS takes every possible effort to keep all your Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients' information 100% confidential. Additionally, our services are HIPAA compliant, as we outsource our services to vendors who are also HIPAA compliant.

How can I contact LanguageXS for more information?

You can contact LanguageXS by email at, or by phone at (207) 544-6804. You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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