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A Guide for Limited English Speaking Patients to use LanguageXS Services

In the recent turn of events regarding the rise of COVID19 devastations, the United States Government has branched out the ingress of telehealth to a wider audience. However, as unfortunate as it sounds, there are still many people left out who can’t make use of this, owing to their limited English proficiency. These groups of people are termed as limited English proficient populations (LEPs).

Regrettably, when most of the video conferencing platforms were being established, there was no significant attention paid to the convenience of Limited English Speaking Patients (LEPs). Even if the LEPs had access to the internet, they still can’t use the Medical Interpreting services owing to these barriers. This leaves destructive effects on their ability to receive healthcare services. To further probe the matter, a university of California was seen carrying forward quick research. It was seen that since the increased use of telehealth, the amount of Limited English Speaking Patients have declined up to 50 percent. That’s worrisome!

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We need to figure out a way to put an end to this divide. To provide the LEPs with the modern and latest telehealth facilities, it is imperative to make use of specific platforms that ensure and enable the LEPs to have remote interpreting. If you are looking for the best interpreting agency or even professional interpreting services, then read on.

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Remote Interpreting and Telehealth

You must be wondering, “What does VRI mean?” or “What is OPI?” These are the two main types of remote interpreting options we have got includes, Video Remote Interpreting, also known as “VRI,” and Over phone Interpreting, alternatively known as “OPI.” “VRI” however, has a lot of perks as compared to “OPI.” Let’s dive into them further:

  • Through a virtual examination, the healthcare professional can derive a better understanding of the health conditions of the patients.

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  • Video Remote Interpreting is a blend of in-person and telephonic communications; hence it ensures amplified and effectiveness and benefits for the patients.
  • The clients feel more at ease and comfortable using this mode of interpretation.
  • It also allows the interpreters to work more effectively by having a complete comprehension and in-details understanding of the situation they are dealing with.
  • It helps the health care professionals to be cordial with the patients and increase the trust and effectiveness of the communication owing to it being face-to-face.
  • In case of emergencies and complications, VRI can be a massive savior. You can even access consecutive interpretation and conference interpreting services as well.
  • Our VRI system is easily accessible through your own handheld devices and desktops available at home. You don’t need special equipment or a complicated setup to make use of it. It makes it cost-effective, as well as convenient to use.

Talking about the phone Medical interpreting services (OPIs), it has its benefits. You’d often have to deal with people who either don’t have access to the internet, have very low-speed internet, or are altogether uncomfortable by connecting through a video call and would instead prefer using Audio Medical interpreting services. In that case, OPI can jump in as a savior.

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It is strictly advised that when choosing a telehealth platform, make sure to pick a system that gives you access to both video remote medical interpreting services and Makes sure to pick the most user-friendly option you have got, owing to the possibility of the patients being unfamiliar with the technology or lacking technology knowledge.

LanguageXS: The Simplest and Secure Solution

LanguageXS allows the patients to link with a remote interpreter through a video or audio call. We ensure our LEP patients to have the Best interpreting services and Certified mental health interpreter as well. They can choose to have on-demand interpreting services by online interpreters proficient in over 300 languages. There is no need to install the software; they will just be required to join the call through the link, message, or email sent to them. Our Platform is not only convenient and simple to use, but it is also one of the most secure options available out there. It will offer you reliable Video remote certified medical interpreting services. LanguageXS is HIPAA-compliant, and owing to that; it ensures that your data is protected and secured by using the latest technology. Unlike Zoom and Skype, it keeps your data protected and sealed.

Making the Switch

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Making the Switch

Reach out to us today and schedule your free demo to have a look inside the vast universe of LanguageXS.

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